Times & Location

In preparation for Baptize California on May 18-19th. We'll teach and answer your questions regarding baptism. Classes will meet on Thursdays @ 7:15 pm and Sundays @ 9:00 am, respectively, at the Simi Valley Adventist Church and on Zoom

For more, contact patrickmsage4327@gmail.com

Class Schedule

Thursday, May 2 - You Must Be Born Again
What is Baptism? Why is it important? Acts 2:38 Handout 

Sunday, May 5 - More than a Symbol
Is baptism just symbolic, or does it do something?

Thursday, May 9 - Baptism and the Old Testament
How does the Old Testament point us toward baptism?

Sunday, May 12 - Baptism and the Early Church
How did the early Church think about baptism?

Thursday, May 16 - Baptism and the Christian Life
What happens after baptism?

Sunday, May 19 - Counting the Cost
Let's do this!