We are a group of ordinary people who believe in the extraordinary message of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Lord

At Simi Church, we believe the Bible is the best source of truth in our world today. In it, we learn that Jesus is Lord. He lived a sinless life, died on a cross, and rose to life again. In this belief, we baptize repentant people in Jesus' name for the forgiveness of sin and to receive the Holy Spirit.

Tell Your World

We believe God has supernaturally and strategically placed a world of people in every believer's life. Our goal is to love them into a right relationship with God. That's why we pray for, invest in, invite to church, and strive to be the best representation of Jesus we can be for them.

Belong, Believe, Become

Our church is a place where you can belong before you believe. We want you to learn about the transformative power of Jesus Christ and to become His disciple. We hope that you will consider joining us Sundays and in small groups to grow your faith and tell the people in your world about Jesus.

Our People & Partners

As members of the International Churches of Christ, we are a part of a global fellowship of ministers, churches, and organizations trying to be like Jesus to the world around us.

Contact Information

There are several ways you can contact us at Simi Church. If you are new to our church, use the following information to reach out and say hello!

Sundays 10:30 am
1636 Sinaloa Rd.
Simi Valley, CA 91367

(818) 835-3593

6162 Neddy Ave
Woodland Hills, CA 91367